Norman Rockwell

A young Norman Rockwell

The Saturday Evening Post’s most prolific artist and illustrator, Norman Perceval Rockwell, sustained a healthy art career spanning most of the twentieth century. His art captured the simplest of moments, providing profound insight into the interactions of man. Not only is he famous to the Post’s readership, he is arguably the greatest American artist of all time.

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A young Norman Rockwell
Rockwell Video Minute: Wanderlust
Norman Rockwell often yearned to get away from work, a longing reflected in many covers, but none more so than the image of a hiker with his faithful dog.
A young Norman Rockwell
Rockwell Video Minute: Runaway
Norman Rockwell turns the cliché of a runaway child into a heartwarming moment in one of his most well-known paintings.
A young Norman Rockwell
Rockwell Video Minute: Shuffleton’s Barbershop
Learn the story behind “Shuffleton’s Barbershop,” one of Rockwell’s most beloved paintings – now on the auction block for an estimated $20 million.

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Abigail Rockwell

Abigail Rockwell — jazz singer, songwriter, and granddaughter of Norman Rockwell — joins the Post to celebrate the life and legacy of America’s beloved artist, sharing behind-the-scene stories only a family member would know in her blog The Real Rockwell.

“Some say life will never be as perfect as life in a Norman Rockwell painting,” says Abigail. “But my grandfather’s work isn’t about an unachievable ideal. Pop’s work is about believing in the goodness of people. It’s about finding that goodness in ourselves and others and in the moments we spend with one another.”

Read more here and on Abigail’s Facebook page, Rescuing Norman Rockwell.